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Kris was born and raised in north Florida the youngest boy in a family of five. He jumped into the roofing industry on his first shingle roof at the age of 15 for Mr. Johns out of Keystone Heights, Florida as a laborer for a shingle roof crew. Day one on the job was a day Kris will never forget…. There was roughly 30 squares of roofing material on the ground, and Mr. Johns said “now make this job site look like we were never even here!” Kris said “yes sir” and went to work.

The next two days Kris hauled every single shred of roofing debris in the dumpster from the shingles on the ground to the nails in the flowerbeds. His job was to get the old roof off at the house and then to the dumpster. He kept thinking that he need to do better in school so he didn’t wind up being a roofer! At the end of three days, the homeowner had a beautiful new roof with no sign that a project had taken place. The homeowners expressed to Mr. Johns most emphatically their gratitude for their new roof and the manner in which he handled the project.

Kris felt a great sense of pride knowing he played a part in that experience for the homeowners, also having a really nice paycheck his pocket got the wheels turning his mind & he knew he wanted to not just make a living, but help also others at the same time.

After high school, Kris went to work for a friend’s father on his metal roofing crews, installing various metal roof systems on everything from custom built homes to high schools in North Fla until he decided to come to Arizona where his father lives and is a born and raised Arizona native himself. Kris went to work as a wrangler for a friend of his fathers for a few years on their ranches having some of the best times of his life on top of a horse, and underneath the Arizona sky creating memories that will live forever. He well knew that cowboying wasn’t going to be a forever career or life. Kris came right back to the roofing industry where a good friend of his started his own roofing company here in the valley, and employed Kris immediately where he was back on the roof crew installing various roof systems on commercial jobs from shopping malls in Hawaii to Air Force bases in North Dakota.

By this time Kris was a father and had met the love of his life Brianna, which is now his wife, best friend, business partner, and so much more!!! They share five beautiful children together and reside in the West Valley. The company Kris was working for pulled him off the roof to lead the company in project management and sales over the next five years increasing the companies revenue and growth exponentially. “ For me, it was resoundingly clear. This is what I was meant to do all along, having put my time in on the roof all over the United States and managing Arizona’s roofing industry from start to finish for a number of years… My family , close friends, and also clients inspired us as a family to set out on this journey together” & Apex Roof Systems was founded!

Where “ Roofing Arizona of the American way” is more than just our slogan. The essence lies at the heart of our companies core values that through honesty ,integrity, hard work, and determination every single Apex Roof Systems client will receive nothing less than an exceptional experience. Receiving the highest quality of customer care, product, workmanship & warranties with over a decade in the United States roofing industry.

-Apex Roof Systems “Roofing Arizona the American way”

From Our Family to Yours

From the Apex Roof Systems family to yours, we hope you’ll find comfort and peace of mind under our durable and reliable roofing. Our products are designed to stand the test of time, no matter what mother nature throws at it – we don’t just protect your home from “the weather,” but protect your loved ones and priceless belongings as well. We’ve been proudly serving satisfied customers for years, keeping them safe through windstorms, hail storms, heavy rains and even icy winters. Now it’s your turn – you can trust Apex Roof Systems to help protect your family’s future and bring lasting peace of mind today.

When you partner with Apex, you become part of our family and we will work hard to ensure you are safe and satisfied with your roofing project. All of our roof come with manufacturer and craftsman guarantees to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on what matters- your family.

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Apex’s roofing contractors are committed to providing roofing solutions for every need, from residential roof repair to commercial roof installation. They provide reliable and exceptional customer service to secure the long-lasting protection of your roof and do so in a timely and efficient manner. With a wide variety of materials, styles, and colors available, Apex will work with you to create a roof that surpasses your expectations. 

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"Kris Chavez was very professional, friendly, and easy to work with. He was responsive, prompt, and listened to us, as consumers. ”
Tony Crater

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your roof due for an upgrade? Identifying the need for a new roof can be as apparent as a leaking hole, missing shingles, or critters making a home in your attic. However, some indicators are not as obvious. Roofs tend to require replacement after 12-15 years, so consider getting ahead of potential issues. Watch out for curled shingles, faulty flashing, ice dams, and discolorations on ceilings or walls as they may signal it’s time for a roof replacement.

The average cost of a new roof varies greatly depending on several factors, such as the roof’s material and size, the contractor’s location, labor costs, the complexity of the roof installation, and any custom builds or designs. Moreover, whether you are replacing an old roof or constructing a new one from scratch is also likely to affect the total cost. Generally speaking, however, it is not unusual for most homeowners to spend somewhere between $4,000 and $21,000 for their new roofs. Ultimately, without proper research being conducted in advance and determining all expenses that go into this home improvement project upfront, it will be difficult to provide an accurate estimate.

When it comes to having your home professionally inspected before listing it for sale, making sure your roof is in good condition should not be overlooked. A poorly maintained or aged roof can cause significant issues with the sale of a home as buyers will often look into getting replacement estimates prior to or during the inspection process. If you’re considering replacing the roof yourself prior to listing the property, make sure to talk with a licensed contractor and get an updated quote, as prices can change from year to year based on materials used, labor costs, and other factors.

Taking the time to make sure your roof is in good condition can potentially increase your home’s value and shorten the time it takes to sell.

Replacing your roof is an important job, as it can protect both the structure of your house and the belongings inside. It is never fun to bring in a new roof, but in some cases, it is necessary. The best time to replace a roof is when you start to notice signs of significant aging or when some other catastrophic event has occurred, such as a major storm or tornado. Not only does replacing your roof before any major damage occurs ensure less expensive repairs, but it can also help you prevent future problems from arising. If you have any questions about the best time to replace a roof, consult with a licensed professional contractor for the most accurate advice.

Replacing a roof is a major undertaking that should not be taken on by someone without the necessary experience, tools, and materials. Even if one knows how to lay down shingles and is comfortable with climbing into rafters, there is much more to replacing a roof than meets the eye. Not only must all material be carried onto the roof but clearance must also meet local construction codes. The flashing around the chimney may need to be replaced as well, depending on its age, and other important details must not be overlooked. A professional contractor should always be consulted for such an ambitious job; it will usually save time and money in the end, regardless of any appeal of DIY!

When it comes to choosing the best roofing material for your home, you want to consider factors such as price, durability, and climate. For instance, asphalt shingles are a very popular and cost-effective choice but may not be suitable in particularly rainy or hot climates. Metal roofs are known to be both durable and energy efficient, however they come with a much higher initial investment than asphalt shingles do. Depending on the region you live in, tile roofs can also be a great option as they have great insulation capabilities and last much longer than other materials. Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the right roofing material; pick what is best suited to your needs and budget considering style, climate preferences and long-term impact on maintenance costs.


Big fan! A crazy storm caused my roof to leak. Kris came by the same day to triage the damage and put a temporary fix in place, then worked with my insurance to get the damage evaluated and repaired. I ended up with a beautiful new roof. They even installed the roof in one day - these guys have a really fast and organized crew! Kris did all the back and fourth with my homeowner’s insurance for me and really reduced my homework. Highly recommend for fast response, excellent service, and quality work.

Jana Selig Customer

We had a storm damage our roof as well as 3 other's on our street. Kris came out looked it over and got right to work on getting us set up to get it fixed. Very professional and so was his entire crew! I highly recommend these folks for anyone needing roof repair or replacement!

Shad D. Riley Customer

I worked with Kris Chavez, who made the experience enjoyable and stress-free. He was organized, attentive, flexible, and on schedule. The crew was considerate of my pets and tidy; they left close to no roofing materials or nails behind. Furthermore, one of my relatives also had her roof replaced and was highly pleased with the work, communication, and professionalism. Thank you, Kris, for helping me have a new roof!

Chris Contreras Customer

I want everyone to know what a treasure this company has in Kris Chavez! He is the most professional, punctual, hard working guy we have ever had to help us with a construction issue. His team re-roofed our 2000 sq. ft. house in one day and did an excellent job. Personality is something money can't buy, and Kris was awesome. If anyone needs a roof replaced, I would highly recommend him, they just don't make guys like this anymore!!!!

Jill Brown Customer

Kris Gator Chavez the Senior Project Manager was so great! Kris would call or text me back about any questions I had, he dealt with my insurance, Kris was always polite, kind and considerate, he was at the job on the day he said, I would highly recommend this company 100 percent his crew, oh my, they are awesome.! Crew went right to work, they know their job, they were all hard workers. I am very pleased with my roofing job, in all aspects. I would have given them more stars in all. After reading some reviews I wanted to add more to my review, the crew cleanup was great too. I am so impressed with this company. Kris and his crew. I will be recommending to all my family, friends and anyone.

Fourth Generation Arizona Rancher Armer Customer

Kris worked with us to file a claim with our insurance. He met the adjuster at our house for the inspection. He took care of everything from beginning to end. He was very courteous and professional. His crew arrived at 6am and started right away in removing the old shingles. Kris called to let us know when they were finished. They hauled away the old shingles and cleaned up around the outside of the house. Except for the beautiful new roof, you can't tell anyone had been here. We highly recommend Kris and his crew for any job!!

Mindy Corcoran Customer

I had many people stop by wanting to fix the roof it wasn't until Kris Chavez stopped by, for some reason I trusted him. I believed him although my son didn't because he works for an insurance company. Everything Kris said was true and went accordingly. It was installed in a day and his team did such a good job and cleaned up perfectly.. I absolutely love it and Kris is great always got back to me. Also thanks again Kris Chavez for making this such a great experience especially after how 2020 went.

K Miles Customer