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What are Tile Roofs?

Tile roofs are a classic and timeless choice for home improvement projects. Tile roofs provide considerable insulation, damage resistance, and low maintenance – they are known to last up to 60 years! Tile roofs capture the eye by adding beauty and elegance to any house. Tile is also an eco-friendly option; it is made up of natural components like clay or concrete which makes it great for regulating indoor temperatures no matter what the outdoor temperate might be. If you’re looking to install a tile roof on your property, consider consulting a professional – Tile Roof installation requires precise attention and building experience. An expert will help ensure that all safety measures are taken, as well as provide long-term protection for your property.

What are the Costs of Tile Roofs?

Tile Roof Installation Costs

Tile roof installation is a great way to not only protect your home and improve its appearance, but also to potentially save money. The cost of installation depends on the size of your property, the complexity of the installation, and the type of tiles used. On average, it costs anywhere from $15 to $60 per square foot of the roof-surface area – in other words, between $2,250 and $9,000 for a typical single-story house with an average roofing area of 150 square feet. Regardless of the investment cost involved in a tile roof installation, it will last longer than any other roofing material available on today’s market, making it an optimal choice for those who want to invest for long-term returns.

Shingle Roof Repair Costs

Tile roof repair can be one of the more expensive roof repairs due to the labor-intensive nature of working with tiles. Tile roofing is made with interlocking ceramic, clay, and concrete tiles that are typically very heavy and require highly-skilled craftsmanship in order to repair properly. The complexity and time required for a tile roof repair will affect the cost significantly and requires a reliable, professional contractor with experience in this type of work. Tile roof repair costs may range from several thousand dollars to much higher depending on the extent of damage being repaired.

Can I Finance my Tile Roof?

Tile roof financing is a great option for those who wish to upgrade their current roof or install a new one without spending too much. Tile roofs are well known for their excellent durability and long lifespan, so it is understandable why many homeowners choose them. It’s important to explore different financing options to determine which one best fits your budget, timeframe and personal needs. Tile roof financing gives you flexible options that allow you to optimize cost savings and still maintain the high quality of the product itself. Tile roofs provide protection from the elements, low maintenance costs over time, and can add value to your home – so financing them could be one of the best investments you make in your house.

How do I maintain my Tile Roof?

Do It Yourself

Maintaining a tile roof is an important part of keeping your home in great condition. Without regular maintenance, the material and structure of your roof can become damaged over time. Fortunately, it is possible to conduct tile roof maintenance yourself. This will not only be cost effective, but also allow you to keep an eye on problems before they become too severe. Tile roofs should be checked twice a year for any signs of damage or deterioration such as cracked tiles, missing mortar, water pooling, and algae growth. Basic repairs such as cleaning out gutters and downpipes, replacing broken tiles and repointing sections that may have come loose are all relatively straightforward DIY tasks with the right tools and materials.

We Can Help

Should more complex repairs be needed, call Apex Roof Systems. We can help you maintain or repair your roof. With the proper care and maintenance your Tile Roof can continue to keep you safe inside for many years to come!


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